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Marietta Pre-Arrest Criminal Investigation Lawyer

Marietta Pre-Arrest Criminal Investigation Lawyer

If you need a Marietta pre-arrest criminal investigation lawyer for a pre-arrest investigation or a warrant application hearing, contact us.

Marietta Pre-Arrest Criminal Investigation Attorney

A pre-arrest investigation is a stage in a criminal case in which police officers will ask an individual some questions about the crime that has happened. Although many people think that if they have been called for a pre-arrest investigation, it means that the police are trying to resolve the case. But, in most cases, they are starting to suspect you.

Engaging a Marietta criminal defense attorney is not an admission of guilt but a prudent step to ensure your rights are protected and your side of the story is heard. Their early proactive involvement can significantly impact the outcome of the case, sometimes preventing charges from being filed or positioning you for a more favorable outcome if the case progresses.

We at Frye Law Group, LLC can represent you if you’re involved in a pre-arrest investigation or if you’ve been given a warrant application notification. Hiring an attorney at the beginning of these processes is the best way to fight for your freedom. Learn more about pre-arrests and warrant applications and how to hire the Frye Law Group below.

What Is a Pre-Arrest Investigation?

In the case of pre-arrest, an active criminal investigation is in its early stages. This means that you have not been formally charged with a crime or indicted by a grand jury, but law enforcement believes that you committed a crime.

By alerting you to the investigation, law enforcement officials hope they can interview you and procure a confession. For this reason, if you have been notified of a pre-arrest investigation, you should not speak to law enforcement officials without consulting your lawyer first. Even if you believe your meeting with law enforcement can help your case, it’s best to consult your lawyer before you say anything.

Your attorney will not only advise you about your meetings with law enforcement but will also monitor law enforcement’s investigation to ensure your rights are being protected. Often, monitoring the investigation involves conducting our own investigation to understand the details of your case. Having an attorney on your side is also helpful if and when law enforcement does charge you with a crime since your attorney will be familiar with the facts of your case and prepared to defend you.

What Is a Pre-Warrant Hearing?

In some situations, someone who is not a member of law enforcement might request that a Magistrate Judge issue a warrant for your arrest. Someone may want you arrested if, for example:

  • The civilian is accusing you of theft
  • The civilian is accusing you of passing a bad check
  • The civilian is accusing you of assault or battery
  • The civilian is accusing you of domestic violence

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The civilian hoping for your arrest only needs to prove “probable cause” to the judge. If the judge is convinced, you will receive a notice in your mailbox with the date for your hearing. At this hearing, the judge will listen to both sides and decide whether to issue a warrant for your arrest or to dismiss the accusation altogether.

Hiring an attorney to accompany you to these hearings is vastly important – particularly because you are also allowed to bring your own witnesses.

With a defense attorney on your side, you can fight these accusations and work towards getting the accusation dismissed and returning to your normal life.

The Role of a Pre-Arrest Criminal Investigation Attorney in Georgia

In the intricate landscape of Georgia’s legal system, a pre-arrest criminal investigation attorney serves as a crucial ally for individuals under investigation but not yet charged with a crime.

Here’s how criminal defense attorneys can help:

  • Legal protection: From the moment you learn of an investigation, an attorney can provide invaluable legal advice, ensuring you understand your rights and how to exercise them effectively. They can advise against self-incriminating actions and guide interactions with law enforcement, protecting you from making statements or decisions that could adversely affect your case.
  • Strategy development: Experienced criminal defense lawyers can review the evidence and identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. They can develop a strategic defense plan, gathering exculpatory evidence and witness testimonies that support the client’s innocence or mitigate the allegations.
  • Negotiation with prosecutors: Before criminal charges are filed, there’s a window of opportunity for negotiation. An attorney can engage with prosecutors, potentially convincing them to drop the case based on insufficient evidence or to consider lesser charges if the evidence suggests a different narrative than initially presented.

Perhaps one of the most understated yet vital roles of a pre-arrest criminal investigation attorney is providing peace of mind during a tumultuous time. Knowing you have a knowledgeable advocate on your side can alleviate the stress and uncertainty of facing a potential criminal charge.

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Both pre-warrant hearing and pre-arrest criminal investigation  of these situations are not as well-known as the more common instances of arrests and charges, but they can be equally serious. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with a pre-arrest investigation or a warrant application hearing, contact our legal team at the Frye Law Group, LLC today so we can get started on your defense.

Call our Marietta office at (770) 268-3755 or use the online contact form.

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How To Contact Us

Both of these situations are not as well-known as the more common instances of arrests and charges, but they can be equally serious. If you or someone you know is dealing with a pre-arrest investigation or a warrant application hearing, contact our legal team at the Frye Law Group today so we can get started on your defense.

Call our Marietta office at 770-268-3755 or use the online contact form.

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Beth is great
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Absolutely the BEST. 100% worth the money. Case dismissed which the felony off my record within me being incarcerated in 9 days. I got the call shortly after a bond hearing and was released the same day. Highly recommend if you want a winner!