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We Take Pride In Our Experience

At Frye Law Group, LLC, we’re constantly learning and keeping up to date with the law. That’s just a small part of what separates us from the competition.

Trial Lawyers College

Kim Keheley Frye has been attending the Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming every year since 2013. These intensive, multi-week seminars are taught by Gerry Spence, author and attorney notable for having never lost a criminal case. The skills practiced in these seminars are used by the best trial lawyers in the country to effectively fight, and win at trial. Her specific training includes skills and tactics used to fight capital offenses like murder and rape, as well as the use of psychodrama analysis to effectively present her client’s stories to a jury in a manner that will emotionally connect and resonate with them.

ACHAL- Lawyer-Scientist

Kim Keheley Frye is one of only two attorneys in the state of Georgia to earn the designation of Forensic Lawyer-Scientist by the Chemistry and Law Division of the American Chemical Society. She has completed courses in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement, Forensic Chromatography Theory and Practice, DNA for Lawyers, Forensic Drug Analysis, and Forensic Principles of DUID. She routinely attends courses and teaches at seminars to ensure that she’s up to date on the most cutting edge science to be used in her cases Frye Law Group is wholly dedicated to staying more knowledgeable, experienced, and prepared than the prosecution at every turn.

Aggressive & Honest

Kim Keheley Frye is an aggressive Marietta criminal defense attorney. She does not back down and is not afraid to stand up to the government and fight for her clients. Her relentless defense and unflagging advocacy of her clients is what gets Frye Law Group such great results. Kim is honest and realistic when evaluating the facts of a case and setting expectations. She does not sugarcoat the truth and will not try to sell clients on a plea deal they don’t want to take. Her candid yet sincere personality ensures that you are always receiving her honest opinion and best advice.