Relentless Defense.
Approachable Representation.


Success Stories

Dedicated. Determined. Dependable.

“Our case ended in a dismissal only because of Kim! She insisted the right thing be done. Frye Law Group immediately went to work for our family.”

“Willing to go to trial! Kim just didn’t plea out. Her relentless pursuit is why I’d recommend her and even rehire if I needed.”

“Passion for the client!  Always taking the time to lay out all the options and honest assessment 1.”

“Kim’s a lifesaver! Kim helped me through a very difficult situation-one I never thought I’d find myself in. Once the case was in her hands, I followed her instructions and stopped worrying.”

Cole’s Story

Dr. Gregory’s Story

What Peers Are Saying

Excellent. Knowledgeable. Aggressive.

“Kim is an outstanding attorney. She is not afraid to take on an opponent on behalf of her client.”

“Kim Frye is an excellent litigator who is dedicated to going the extra mile, both in pursuit of legal knowledge and in representing her clients.”

“She is respected by her peers and the judiciary.  She is always prepared.”

“Time & again, I’ve seen Kim do an amazing job on behalf of her clients. I’m proud she’s a colleague.  Kim Frye is an outstanding attorney.”

What The Other Side Is Saying

Dedicated. Determined. Dependable.

“She was prepared on every legal issue we debated.”

“Kim Frye is a lawyer to be reckoned with.”

“She never runs. If you’ve hired her, you’ve hired a good lawyer.”

“When Kim was a prosecutor, she was the lawyer that I hated to see on the other side.”