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Advocating For Sex Offender Registry Removal

Laws regarding individuals on the sex offender registry dictate where registered offenders can live and work and is a severe social stigma for all who are on the register. Now, there are some circumstances where some persons on the register can petition for removal from the list.

Frye Law Group, LLC is an experienced criminal defense firm in Marietta that regularly helps registered sex offenders get removed from the registry. Our firm is dedicated to taking a detailed look at your situation and advocating for your rights.

Qualifications For Removal

A chance at removal from the registry is for persons who are at low risk to re-offend and have completed their sentences for their crimes. Other considerations for registry removal are:

  • There was no weapon or physical restraint used in the original crime and no bodily harm done
  • There are no other sex offense convictions
  • The offense is now a misdemeanor, with the offender 18 years old or less and the victim was at least 14

Those with false imprisonment and kidnapping convictions without any other sex offenses also have the possibility of removal from the registry.

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