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Defending Against Child Molestation Charges

Child molestation is one of the most serious and socially damaging crimes. However, it is easy for well-intentioned people to misinterpret innocent conduct and see evidence of child sexual abuse. If you are the subject of a child molestation investigation, you may feel abandoned and afraid. At Frye Law Group, LLC in Marietta, we are here to help.

Molestation charges can be based simply on a young person’s allegations or statements. While forensic evidence obtained during a medical exam is frequently used by prosecutors in a child molestation claim, physical evidence is not legally required.

False Allegations

According to some studies, many child sex crime allegations are untrue. Our firm’s skilled criminal defense attorneys will examine your accuser’s allegations, especially when there isn’t physical evidence. We will look carefully for other motives, such as when abuse claims arise in the midst of a custody dispute, and inaccurate or inconsistent testimony.

Frye Law Group, LLC can help you minimize the impact of inaccurate or biased evidence and testimony. A detailed understanding of the real facts surrounding your accuser’s statements, a thorough review of all of the evidence, and the use of experts, such as forensic and medical experts, can provide valuable information that helps clear your name.

Georgia Child Molestation Laws And Penalties

Under Georgia law, child molestation is defined as any immoral or indecent act to, in the presence of or with any child under the age of 16, intended to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of the child or abuser.

The penalties for child molestation are severe. Under Georgia law, you may face:

  • Large fines
  • Lifetime registration as a sex offender
  • Between five and 20 years of jail time, 25 years minimum for aggravated child molestation

Defenses Against Child Molestation Claims

There are a variety of defenses available in child molestation cases, depending on your circumstances. They may involve factual, legal and procedural issues, including:

  • Mistaken identity
  • Disputes over whether the alleged behavior actually occurred
  • Flaws in the forensic evidence
  • Lack of criminal intent

It is in your best interests to remain silent and contact an aggressive criminal defense lawyer immediately. Without the aid of an experienced defense lawyer, you may accidentally make statements that seem incriminating, and these statements may be used against you at trial. Our attorneys have collectively handled countless cases, defended those accused of sex crimes and obtained successful verdicts and settlements. With our team by your side, you have a chance at fighting against the charges.

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