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Michael Namer


Like many nationally-renowned lawyers, Attorney Michael Namer didn’t plan on going into law from an early age. Born and raised in Atlanta, he channeled his creativity and passion into pursuing a career as a musician straight out of high school. However, life had other plans.

As a young adult, Attorney Namer witnessed several people close to him fall victim to the associated stigmas and draconian sentences resulting from criminal prosecution, igniting his passion for justice and ultimately fueling him to enter the arena of criminal law. After studying Political Science at Kennesaw State University, he went on to earn his J.D. from Georgia State University College of Law.

While in law school, Attorney Namer worked directly with an experienced criminal defense attorney before becoming one himself. While he knew early on that he wanted to become an effective advocate for the accused, he also knew that the best way to defend clients was to become a prosecutor. This led him to join the DeKalb County Solicitor-General’s Office, where he prosecuted thousands of DUI cases and other misdemeanors in the state of Georgia.

Attorney Namer’s experience as a prosecutor gave him invaluable insights into the world of criminal law and the U.S. justice system. He understands when the State has issues with its case and can attack them to achieve optimal results and the justice his clients rightfully deserve. In 2023, he joined the Frye Law Group to defend those facing life-altering criminal penalties.

While his passion shines through in every criminal case he handles, Attorney Namer is particularly passionate about representing clients accused of DUIs. His compassion and understanding of the terrifying consequences of a DUI conviction empower him to deliver the fierce advocacy his clients deserve in court. His creativity, tenacity, passion, and experience make him well-equipped to protect the accused from suffering unjust decisions and restore their freedom.

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