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Kyle Denslow


Attorney Denslow, originally from Marietta, Georgia, is the first college graduate in his family. After completing his high school education at Sprayberry High School, he earned a degree in Political Science from Valdosta State University. It was during an internship at a small criminal defense law firm that Attorney Denslow discovered his passion for defending individuals against criminal charges, inspiring him to pursue a law degree at the University of Georgia School of Law.

After earning his Juris Doctorate, Attorney Denslow served as a Public Defender in Georgia’s Northeastern Judicial Circuit, covering Dawson and Hall counties. His focus on criminal law stems from a deep-seated belief in the importance of safeguarding personal liberty. He has gained substantial experience in Georgia’s Accountability Courts, including Drug and Mental Health Courts, and played a key role in the REACT Court pilot program, which aims at reintegrating formerly incarcerated individuals into society.

Attorney Denslow is known for his trial-focused practice. Unlike some who may use the threat of trial as a mere negotiating tool, he has built a reputation for fulfilling his promises of taking cases to trial—and winning. His commitment extends to all cases, large or small, as he tirelessly defends his clients against the full might of the state. Attorney Denslow thrives in high-stakes situations, particularly when challenging disproportionate governmental influence in legal proceedings.

Now back in his hometown of Marietta with the Frye Law Group, Attorney Denslow continues to defend the rights of his clients with the same fervor, ensuring that each case receives his relentless dedication and professional defense. Whether fighting against mandatory life sentences without parole or handling less severe charges, he stands as a staunch advocate for justice.