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Casey Hall


Casey Hall, hailing from Madison, Mississippi, pursued his undergraduate studies at the University of Mississippi, focusing on History and Anthropology. During his time in Oxford, he was actively involved in the Beekeeping Club and the Italian Club.

Driven by a passion for the outdoors and inspired by his mother’s ethos of making a positive impact, Casey initially aspired to a career in conservation and environmental law. His perspective shifted during law school, where he clerked for a personal injury attorney and with The Arkansas Securities Department, leading him to a path of aiding individuals unacquainted with the legal intricacies during challenging times.

Casey’s legal education was at The University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where he was a two-time Student Bar Association representative and served as the Executive Board’s secretary. His role as Chairman of the COVID-19 Committee during the pandemic underscored his commitment to addressing the academic and mental well-being of his peers, reinforcing his dedication to advocacy as a legal professional.

After earning his law degree, Casey relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, to further his education with a Master’s in Business Administration and to be nearer to his family. Beyond his professional endeavors, he relishes time spent kayaking, fishing, and immersing himself in books. His explorations of Atlanta and moments with his dogs, Caesar and Sly, are cherished. Casey is not only committed to legal excellence but also aspires to master the culinary craft of slow-cooked barbecue chicken sandwiches.