Attorney Bethany Kasa

Safeguarding Clients Against Unfair Prosecutions

After serving as a public defender for over a decade, Attorney Bethany Kasa discovered her true passion for defending the accused in Georgia against horrific, life-changing criminal penalties. She is committed to protecting good people in Marietta and beyond from injustice and overreach of aggressive State prosecution. 

Whether working to exonerate the innocent or mitigating unfortunate circumstances, Attorney Kasa excels at helping others achieve positive outcomes. Her eagerness and determination empower her to thrive under pressure, relentlessly defending the accused even when the stakes are high and delivering the fierce advocacy that her clients deserve.

After witnessing the combative power of an unchecked prosecution, Attorney Kasa decided that the most important work she could do to serve her community was to protect its members against unjust and even abusive prosecutions. This led her to pursue her J.D., where she devoted herself to learning how to best defend the rights afforded to every person under the U.S. Constitution. In doing so, she quickly realized her life’s calling—to shield the powerless from the devastating destruction of unchecked state action. 

Attorney Kasa unwaveringly believes that every individual is entitled to the rights afforded to them under the law. Because freedom is one of the most priceless and invaluable things that any person can have, she feels a moral obligation to hold the State accountable for being as cautious, competent, and considerate as possible before seeking to deprive an accused individual of their freedom. 

Attorney Kasa knows from firsthand experience that the opposite is generally the standard, as she has witnessed the State act with neglect and ruthlessness time and time again. Unfortunately, those accused of crimes often face a prosecution that is more preoccupied with winning than ensuring that justice is served under the law—regardless of fairness, appropriateness, or cost. 

At the end of the day, Attorney Kasa understands that justice requires the attention and diligence of an individualized defense. After conducting dozens of trials and representing several hundreds of accused individuals, she is the experienced and competent criminal defense attorney that the accused need and deserve to obtain a favorable outcome in court. While Attorney Kasa has represented individuals charged with a vast range of criminal charges, she is very cognizant of the fact that every case is different, leading her to approach each client’s unique circumstances with wisdom and care. 

Attorney Kasa’s passion for defending the accused makes her an invaluable member of our team at Frye Law Group. Originally from Pennsylvania, Attorney Kasa decided to make Georgia her home after getting to know the warmth and serenity of the Atlanta area and its people. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and her law degree from Florida Coastal School of Law. She is a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Georgia State Bar, and the Cobb County Bar Association. 

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