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Preventing Children From Being Tried As Adults

Try to imagine a child that should be in seventh or eighth grade in a prison instead of a youth detention facility. Sadly, the superior court in Georgia has jurisdiction for certain cases involving juveniles. Children age 13 and older who get charged with crimes covered in State Bill 440 can be charged as an adult. Fortunately, Frye Law Group, LLC knows that there is a chance for the case to get returned to juvenile court. Crimes that go to the adult justice system for minor teens include:

  • Armed robbery using a firearm
  • Murder and voluntary manslaughter
  • Rape and aggravated sexual battery
  • Aggravated sodomy
  • Aggravated child molestation

If your child gets accused of one of these crimes, the situation is grim. Without the involvement of a skilled criminal justice attorney, your child will go through the whole criminal justice process as an adult.  Fortunately, our firm knows that there is a chance for the case to get returned to juvenile court.

Quick Action Needed

A skilled lawyer’s advocacy for your child before indictment happens is critical. By advocating for your child, a Frye Law Group, LLC attorney can pursue the transfer of the case back to the juvenile corrections system by the court’s prosecutor. After indictment happens, it is rare that a case is shifted out of superior court.

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