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Pursuing Probation Termination And Revocation

Many citizens of Georgia could be able to receive an early termination of their probation sentences. This is due to the passage of Senate Bill 174. This is a new law aimed at freeing people with no previous felony convictions from the remainder of their legal commitment because they:

  • Have not committed additional offenses
  • Completed all damage restitution and fee payment
  • Finished any required classes and community service

After fulfilling three years of probation successfully, persons are considered at a low risk level to re-offend. Frye Law Group, LLC stands ready to assist clients who wish to pursue the option to terminate their probation early and move on with their lives.

Behavioral Incentive Dates

Some first-time offenses can qualify for a behavioral incentive date. This incentive rewards persons who remain compliant with their probation requirements by an early release from probation. It is important to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney such as Frye Law Group, LLC in Marietta to find out what is possible in your situation.

Offenses That Qualify

Only certain offenses qualify for early termination of probation such as:

  • Drug charges
  • Arson and property damage
  • Burglary and forgery

Even if you were sentenced with probation before the law came into effect, you may be able to take advantage of it. This provides more freedom and opportunities to persons who show that they can obey probation guidelines.

Retroactive Possibility

Two exceptions are sentences that included both prison and probation or sentences for sex offenses and violent felonies. Offenses that do not qualify for early probation termination include sex offenses and violent felonies. Also, a sentence that has both prison time and probation cannot get reduced.

Find Out About Your Options

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