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Aggressive Defenders Against DUI Charges

Each one of our lawyers has extensive courtroom experience. Together, we have dedicated our practice to defending the accused and giving them a voice. Previously, Attorney Frye worked  as a prosecutor and Attorney Warmington worked as a public defender. We have seen both sides of DUI cases and defense strategies that can give you a fighting chance. In court, we will examine the evidence against you and ask tough questions of the police tough questions. We will not let the police take anything for granted.

The Importance Of Probable Cause

It is important to know that once a police officer makes a stop, they must have probable cause to make an arrest. Many cases are not clear cut about the motive of the police officer in making a stop. An experienced DUI lawyer knows how to investigate the stop and raise issues about it in court.

Know The Numbers

In some situations, you can have a blood alcohol level of less than .08 and still be guilty of driving under the influence. If you are under the age of 21, you can be guilty of driving under the influence with a .02 blood alcohol level. If you drive a commercial vehicle, the blood-alcohol limit is .04.

DUI Includes Drugs

Georgia’s DUI laws include marijuana and other drugs. The presence of cannabis or illegal drugs in your system in any amount constitutes driving under the influence. Even if you have a prescription for the drug, but you are impaired because of it, you can get a DUI conviction.

Be Informed About Implied Consent

Georgia is an implied consent state, which means by driving on Georgia’s roads, you consent to a blood alcohol test. You may refuse to take the test, but you may face a suspended license because of it. You only have 10 business days from the date of your arrest to contest the suspension of your license. Do not delay getting an experienced DUI lawyer to handle your case.

Always With You

Our DUI lawyers will be with you every step of the way, working to get driving privileges, explaining the process to you and fighting for you in court. We do not show up in court just to represent you; we come to win.

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Due to the limited time you have to contest a suspended license and the fact that a Georgia DUI stays on your record for life, it is critical to get legal help as soon as possible. Call Frye Law Group, LLC today at 770-919-9525 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.