What Is Considered Child Pornography?

Most people imagine someone being charged with offenses related to child pornography as some deviant, using high-tech equipment to download illegal files from the dark web. 

While this may be true to some extent, there are many more potential situations that can lead to someone facing similar charges. 

Online file sharing is only the beginning, and in those cases, both the sender and the receiver are committing serious felony crimes. 

There are also those that are accused of keeping physical copies of materials, as well as those alleged to have produced or distributed the material. 

Individuals accused of sexual exploitation of children are also commonly charged with other child pornography offenses.

In an age where children are becoming sexually active sooner and sooner, there are also issues where the offenses take place entirely online, like in chat rooms. 

Another very common way that individuals get charged with child pornography offenses is when Georgia teens engage in sexting, where the potentially felonious content is sent and received directly on smartphones.

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