What If My Georgia Lawyer Won’t Call Me Back?

by | Jun 29, 2022

When Your Lawyer Isn’t as Responsive as You’d Like


Your attorney is responsible for communicating with you and should always return your calls promptly. Unfortunately, some attorneys are unprofessional and might ignore your calls or take days or weeks to respond to you.

Many lawyers have heavy caseloads and are busy, which can cause them to forget about calling a client back. In other situations, your lawyer might not call you weekly if the case is at a standstill since they have no news to inform you of. Regardless, not hearing back from your lawyer can be frustrating and concerning.

So, what can you do if your Georgia lawyer won’t call you back?


Effective Communication With Your Lawyer


A good lawyer keeps you informed and readily available for communication. However, delays can happen due to busy schedules or case progress. Here’s how to navigate communication and get the most out of your attorney-client relationship:

Understanding Communication Style

Some lawyers prefer phone calls, while others utilize secure messaging systems within their case management software. Ask your lawyer about their preferred method and expected response timeframe. Familiarize yourself with the process and adhere to it.

Prioritizing Updates

If your case is ongoing but lacks immediate developments, your lawyer might not call you weekly. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have specific questions or concerns. Also, your lawyer might update you in real-time if critical information becomes available. Find out how frequently your attorney plans to communicate updates with you.

Utilize Case Management Systems

Many law firms offer secure online portals where you can access case documents and upcoming court dates and send messages directly to your lawyer. Some portals even allow you to schedule appointments and review billing statements. Make use of these systems to stay informed about your case.

Alternatives for Emotional Support

Legal matters can be stressful. While your lawyer is there to provide legal guidance, consider talking to friends, family, or a therapist for emotional support. This will help your lawyer focus on your case effectively.

Calling for Emergencies Only

Real emergencies require immediate attention from your lawyer. Don’t misuse the term for minor updates or venting frustrations. Reserve emergency calls for dire situations, such as if you have been arrested or received a court summons.


What to Do If Your Lawyer Isn’t Responsive


Following the above steps will most likely help you communicate effectively with your lawyer. However, if you’ve tried everything and still aren’t getting the response you need from your lawyer, here are some additional steps you can take:

  • Send a Written Letter: If phone calls and emails are not working, send a formal letter. This will create a paper trail of your attempts to communicate with your lawyer.
  • Get in Touch With Their Supervisor: If your lawyer works at a law firm, you can contact their supervisor or the managing partner. They can address any communication issues and ensure your concerns are adequately addressed.
  • Consider Changing Lawyers: If all else fails, and you still cannot get the communication you need from your lawyer, it may be time to consider finding a new attorney. It’s essential to have open and effective communication with your legal representation, so don’t hesitate to make a change if necessary.

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