Georgia’S New Expungement And Record Restriction Law: Everything You Need To Know

by | Feb 4, 2022

Expungement is a specific legal process that allows someone previously convicted of a crime, to have that conviction removed from their criminal record.

In Georgia, this is known as “record restriction,” as the term “expungement” can lead to the erroneous belief that the record or records are destroyed when they aren’t.

The term record restriction is considered a more accurate term. If the request for record restriction is granted, the access to the specified record is restricted to such a degree that only certain entities can see it going forward. These entities are generally previously authorized personnel such as those working for government agencies or law enforcement.

When looking to pursue an expungement, the wisest course of action, in the beginning, is to work with an experienced expungement lawyer. The right criminal attorney will be able to clearly outline the requirements for restricting your record and can get the process started for you.