What Happens In A Georgia Domestic Violence Case When The Spouse Doesn’T Press Charges?

by | Nov 29, 2021

In 2018, there were 44,900 reported cases of domestic violence in Georgia, but more than 66,000 calls to Georgia domestic violence agencies.

Although the stark difference in calls for help and documented law enforcement cases is not an accurate representation of the number of intimidated victims or witnesses, it does suggest that many spouses are unwilling to press charges.

At The Frye Law Group, we know that domestic violence is a real issue in Georgia and throughout the U.S. — but we also know that mistakes are made, and couples fight all the time.

A fight may get out of hand and a phone call is made, but that doesn’t mean that one spouse needs to be sent to jail. In fact, in many instances the partner who called the police almost immediately regrets it.

So what happens when the spouse chooses not to press charges? From our experienced domestic violence defense attorney Kim Frye, here’s what you need to know.