If You Get Your Record Restricted In Georgia, Can You Buy A Gun?

by | Mar 8, 2021

So let’s say you were convicted of a felony and you lost your right to own a firearm, but you later got your record restricted. Does that mean your rights have been restored?

The short answer is no. Restoration of rights is a separate process that is handled by the State Board of Pardons and Paroles.

After you’ve been pardoned or had your record expunged, you can apply for a Restoration of Civil and Political Rights. If this application is approved, you will be restored to full citizenship, with the right to vote, hold office, etc.

But you still won’t be able to own firearms. The Restoration of Firearm Rights is a separate process altogether, with a separate application process. Like with record restriction, this is a complicated process, and it’s not always clear to the applicant exactly what requirements they need to meet to have their rights restored.

That’s why we recommend hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney who can walk you through the process and make sure you have your full rights restored.