When Can A Juvenile Be Charged As An Adult In Georgia

by | Jan 4, 2021

In the State of Georgia, there is a Juvenile Court System that handles most offenses committed by minors 17 and under. Especially dangerous or heinous crimes, however, may involve charging juveniles as adults.

When this occurs, the juvenile’s case is transferred to a Superior Court. Acts committed by juveniles that carry consequences such as life in prison or loss of life can have concurrent jurisdiction in Juvenile Court and Superior Court.

If a minor is charged with a crime—particularly one that could have them tried in Superior Court as an adult, it is important to seek professional advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney in Marietta Georgia.

Criminal defense attorneys can ensure that juveniles are granted fair and equal treatment under the law. They can also help mitigate any infringements on a juvenile’s rights while they are arrested, questioned, and during the investigation process.

As a general rule, juvenile offenders should not speak with law enforcement without an attorney present or admit to any wrongdoing without the advice of legal counsel.