What Is The Sex Offender Registry? – Criminal Defense Attorney

What is the sex offender registry?

There’s one that’s both national and there’s one here in the state of Georgia and there’s one in every state. Essentially, it is a list of people who’ve ever committed a sexual offense. What it does is it keeps a list, you have certain places that you can live and not live, which involves school bus stops and schools and playgrounds and swimming pools. It can severely curtail where you can live and work. It’s a pretty onerous burden for anyone to get.

Any sex offense here in Georgia that you’re convicted of that’s not a misdemeanor pretty much involves this sex offender registry and oftentimes once you’re on it, you can never get off even if you move to another state. So it’s very important that you make sure you fight a case so that you do not end up on the sex offender registry. And it’s also public so people can look it up on the internet an there have been instances where people have been their houses have vandalized just because they appear on that registry. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve already done time or completed your sentence you still appear on the registry and people can still punish you for it.

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