Why Do Young People Commit Crimes?

by | Mar 6, 2020

Young children get into mischief while living in Georgia. That said, juveniles may sometimes commit serious and shocking crimes. Surely they know better, right?

If you are the parent of a juvenile who shows signs of engaging in potentially criminal activity, ACEs Connection could have insights to help you out. Understand some of the reasons young people break the law.

Risk factors

There exists a link between juvenile crimes and specific risk factors. For instance, growing up in a violent environment and the presence of mental health issues like depression and anxiety put kids at risk of engaging in crimes. Geographic location, proximity to drug and alcohol use and peer pressure can also contribute to juvenile crimes.

Role models

Kids model the behavior of those closest to them. Being in close proximity to criminals and those with skewed morals may make kids believe such behavior and opinions are acceptable. The individuals whom kids spend a lot of time around become their role models and create the foundation for how young people view society and the world.

Underdeveloped brains

It is not until a person reaches her or his early 20s until the brain finishes developing. Until then, young people do not have a fully developed idea of right and wrong. What is more, is that children who grow up in abusive or traumatic environments can have staggered brain developed. The same is true of kids who do not have access to foods that support healthy brain development.

Besides knowing the difference between right and wrong, young people may also struggle with the concepts of remorse and compassion. Such a lack of understanding can lead to harsher legal punishments.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.