What Is Drug Trafficking? – Criminal Defense Attorney

by | Mar 6, 2020

What is drug trafficking?

Drug trafficking actually comes about by possessing a certain amount of weight of a controlled substance. With marijuana, it’s ten pounds. What’s interesting is how the government comes to the conclusion of it being ten pounds of marijuana, and that’s something that we deal with in our business, trying to figure that out and negotiate that. So, trafficking is always a minimum amount of weight. So, that would be about an ounce of cocaine, typically four grams of morphine or heroin, or ten pounds of marijuana, or one ounce of meth.

Those are kind of the base level weights, and there’s a big discrepancy there between marijuana; between heroin; between cocaine; between meth. One of the interesting things that we do is we’ve done a lot of extra training on the science of how the government measures those things. So, that is a way to defend your case. If the government faultily weighed the controlled substance, that helps you in your case.