What Do I Do When I’M Charged With Prostitution Or Sex Trafficking Charges? – Criminal Defense Attorney

by | Mar 6, 2020

What do I do when I’m charged with prostitution or sex trafficking charges?

When you are charged with prostitution or pimping, pandering or human – even human sex trafficking, those all can be charged, even when there’s consenting adults involved. That’s why it’s super-important, ’cause there’s mandatory minimums for some of these charges. There’s also sex offender registry for these charges, and they’re almost always considered something of a high and aggravated nature – more serious. And that’s the important thing to understand – the Internet’s involved in a lot of these cases, and these sex crimes result in what seemingly might be innocent, consensual behavior, but can turn into a very serious charge very quickly. If you are charged with that, don’t be ashamed because of how the charge is made. You need to talk to an experienced attorney who can navigate what these charges mean in Georgia and how they are prosecuted, ’cause that’s very important.