What Do I Do If My Son/Daughter Has Been Arrested Or The Police Want To Talk To Them? – Criminal Defense Attorney

by | Mar 6, 2020

When you are a parent, we ask that you get them an attorney, because you as a parent can waive their rights to certain things that may be very helpful to them, and you’re making that decision without discussing it with a lawyer. So, if someone calls to talk to your child or have you bring your child in, you need to call a lawyer first. Don’t agree to any meetings.

If your child has been arrested, it’s really important that they have a lawyer. Why is that? Because they are so young, this is their permanent record. You need someone who’s protecting that permanent record for them. There are several instances where children are charged with very serious crimes as children. So, that’s why it’s always important to consult an attorney as soon as your child gets arrested or even before, if the police are wanting to talk to them, so that we can protect their rights.