How Can You Fight Blood Alcohol Test Results?

by | Mar 6, 2020

In Georgia, there are a number of tests officers can use to check blood alcohol content (BAC) levels. Though breath tests are the most well-known and easiest to use, it is not the only one. Today, we will take a look at blood alcohol tests, which some say are even more accurate.

WebMD takes an in-depth look at blood alcohol tests. Technicians perform these tests in a lab. They draw a sample of your blood, which is then tested for alcohol levels. To many, this seems like a much more “fool-proof” method of sampling blood and checking BAC levels.

But even blood alcohol tests have their potential weak points. For example, your health and diet can sway the results. Breath tests are often criticized because of the impact anything with alcohol can have. Results can be inaccurate if a person takes even a single cough drop. Blood tests have similar issues. People with illnesses resulting in high ketones or blood sugar often have higher BAC level readings. Diet can also impact the results, especially for those on cough or cold medication.

Next, some criticize breath tests because officers must be sure to calibrate the devices correctly. This does not always happen. Human error and negligence can, therefore, cause misreadings. However, human error is a factor in blood alcohol tests, too. If overworked, it is plausible that lab staff will mix your results up. There have even been cases of lab technicians leaving samples out long enough for them to coagulate, which impacted the reading. This is all important information to keep in mind if you are up against seemingly inescapable results.