Frye Law Group 10 Year Anniversary – Criminal Defense Attorney

by | Mar 6, 2020

The Frye Law Group is celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. For the past decade, the team at The Frye Law Group has been relentlessly defending their clients in the areas of criminal law.

Located just off the Marietta Square, The Frye Law Group has helped numerous individuals with criminal offense representation.

Over the past 10 years, Attorney Kim Frye has been working aggressively on behalf of their clients who are criminally accused. Kim knows that when a client is in a tough situation, they are under extreme pressure. She is a compassionate listener and understands the grief, anger, and fear that clients can experience when facing criminal charges.

By spending just a few minutes with Kim, it is apparent that Kim is passionate about turning these emotional responses into a successful criminal defense.

Because of her past experience as a prosecutor, Kim Frye is uniquely equipped for criminal defense cases.  “I know how the state thinks,” she says. “I know how they work their cases. That experience is invaluable to me.” When asked why she made the switch to defense, she states, “I enjoy so much more being able to bring justice for people.”

As Founding principle of the Frye Law Group, Kim Keheley Frye recognizes that police reports often capture just one side of an officer’s perspective. Kim explains, “A police officer’s job is to make a case. I take seriously our responsibility to not only provide excellent legal representation to my clients, but to help them understand the legal process that can so profoundly affect their lives.” Accordingly, Attorney Frye treats each case as a separate and unique challenge and works to achieve the desired outcomes in every criminal defense case.

As the Frye Law Group, grows, you can be certain that Attorney Kim Keheley Frye and her team will be relentlessly defending the citizens of Marietta and Cobb county during their time of need.

Friends, family, clients, colleagues and members of the legal community will join with the staff at The Frye Law Group for their well-deserved 10 year Anniversary Celebration.