Not everyone is honest when accusing someone of a crime. This can undermine the efforts of authorities in Georgia and elsewhere in helping the victims of real crimes. Unfortunately, this does not stop those with an agenda in making false reports, as you may be aware. 

Domestic violence affects countless families across the country. Since it is such a pervasive problem, law enforcement takes accusations of domestic violence seriously. There are programs, laws and resources available to protect the victims of spousal and child abuse. Authorities often believe those who accuse their partners of abusing them and take protective measures before the alleged abuser can defend himself or herself in court. This, as you may know, is to provide immediate protection to victims from serious and potentially fatal harm. However, not all accusations are true. 

As Verywell Mind explains, some spouses falsely accuse their partners of being abusive toward them or the children. Why does this happen, you may wonder? The following points are common among those who wrongfully accuse others of domestic violence: 

  • They may wish to gain full custody of the children or to have the other spouse removed from the home. 
  • They may want to get revenge against the other partner after a disagreement. 
  • They may wish to undermine the other spouse’s reputation or cause embarrassment. 
  • They may misconstrue the other spouse’s words or actions during an argument as domestic violence. 

It is also possible that a neighbor heard shouting during an argument and believed one spouse was in danger of being harmed. When police are called, they may arrest the accused partner even if both spouses insist that no harm was intended. This is a serious issue that requires a competent defense. Therefore, you should not replace this information for the advice of a lawyer.