In almost all deaths that are sudden or unusual, result in a police investigation. So, what can happen to you if somebody dies and you’re being charged – there’s a few different kinds of charges. There is murder, voluntary manslaughter, and involuntary manslaughter. The difference in murder is we think of it in the normal way – somebody planned out and committed a murder. That is a mandatory life sentence without parole for 30 years. Sometimes there’s something called “felony murder,” which is where a person has committed a felony and someone dies from that felony.Voluntary manslaughter is usually where a death results after provocation, or through some justifiable manner. Involuntary manslaughter is even a lesser scale than that, and that’s typically when someone is doing a lawful act, but acted in an unlawful manner, and that’s involuntary manslaughter. Then there’s oftentimes, sometimes, reckless conduct that results in a misdemeanor voluntary manslaughter – sort of an accident that involves a death. Always know that if a death is involved, the police are gonna probably be involved. It may be important for everyone concerned to have an attorney in that circumstance.