What should I do if I am accused of a crime? If a police officer or a detective wants to talk to you, calls your house or comes by your house and wants to talk to you about anything you should always say I’d like to speak to a lawyer first. Oftentimes, the police officer or the person that you’re speaking will make it sound like it’s going to go worse for you if you ask for a lawyer. Well the issue is if you go in unprotected, this is a police officer who is trained to interrogate you. You are unprotected if you go without a lawyer and while it may seem that the police officer is being nice to you and want’s to clear your name or protect you he’s allowed to lie to you. And he’s also allowed to mislead you in order to get this information from you. You may not have any information at all but the police officer can take what you say to their own uses So please, anytime that you are accused of anything, any kind of crime I always say that if it involves fingerprints then you need a lawyer. And oftentimes people think well, I’ll just go and tell them I’m innocent but there’s been plenty of people arrested at the end of that interview because they get their words turned around. So it’s very important if a police officer or someone wants to talk to you about a case, please call a lawyer first.