Is possession of a controlled substance a felony? “Controlled substance” sometimes will mean cocaine, meth, heroin – those are the things that you would naturally think of. Those are a controlled substance. Marijuana is also a controlled substance. Marijuana – the green, leafy variety – in less than an ounce is a misdemeanor. However, anything over an ounce, here still in Georgia, is a felony. What’s even more interesting is the law treats marijuana wax, THC wax, or dabs, or things of that nature differently than it treats green marijuana. It also treats plants that you’re growing differently than it treats the dried marijuana.

So, pretty much anything over one ounce of the green leafy material – any kind of marijuana – is also a controlled substance. And yes, they are felonies here in Georgia, and there are some alternative sentencing arrangements that you can make sometimes in cases, but it is a serious case. Also, prescription medications – they are always controlled substances in most cases, and without a proper prescription, possessing them, like Xanax or Valium or OxyContin, would be a felony.