The first thing you do when you’re stopped for a DUI in Georgia is try to remain calm. It’s always scary when you get stopped by a police officer for anything. And when they walk up to the car and the first thing they’re gonna do is ask you questions. Have your driver’s license and if you have your insurance car have that ready to go. At that point, you don’t have to answer any other questions or do any exercises for the officer.

If I’m stopped for a DUI in Georgia, why shouldn’t I have to answer any other questions?

Oftentimes I’m asked well; won’t I get arrested if I don’t cooperate with the officer? The truth is you may get arrested anyways whether you cooperate or not but you don’t have to cooperate and give the officer possibly more evidence against yourself.

So when he asks you to do any field sobriety tests or anything just to check and see if you’re okay to drive say no, thank you, I’d rather not. Am I under arrest?

Implied Content

Georgia is an implied consent state. Implied consent means a person has consented to a blood-alcohol test by driving on Georgia’s roads. A driver may refuse to take the test, but you may face a suspended license.  You only have 10 business days from the date of your arrest to contest the suspension of your license.  Do not delay getting an experienced DUI lawyer to handle your case.

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