Child porn essentially is photographs on your phone, on your computer or any kind of media that you have that depicts a child under the age of 18. And what has happened what we’ve seen happen is people may download from torrent or other large file sharing services lots of pictures and there may be some pictures on there that actually have a little marker in them that alerts the government that you downloaded them. And then if you share those files you have then distributed those files to someone else. This is a very serious crime both federally and here in the state of Georgia.

There is a mandatory prison sentence if you are convicted of this and just possessing it is enough for the state to come after you. So if someone wants to ask you about whether you have something on your computer or wants to seize your computer you need to tell them you need to speak to a lawyer and that they need to have a warrant to get any of your personal property. And of course, the best practice is not to have that on their computer but as we all know we don’t often know what files we have on our computer. Everyone’s gotten a computer virus before that they didn’t know was there.