Frye Law Group Scholarship Contest

About Our scholarship contest

At the Frye Law Group, we are committed to supporting young people in the community and doing our part to give them the resources they need to move forward with their lives and stay out of trouble.

That’s why we offer the Frye Law Group Onward Scholarship, which we award to graduating high school seniors becoming first-generation college students - who may not have a perfect record. These young people are historically underserved and ignored — particularly when it comes to college scholarships — but at the Frye Law Group, we believe that everyone should be given a chance to succeed.

The Scholarship helps students financially through their educational journey with an award of $1500. The funds can be allocated towards tuition or any other education-related expenses (textbooks, supplies, etc.). We care about the future of our community and are dedicated to supporting young people on their path to greatness.

Please use this form below to apply:

All applications must be submitted by Friday, March 31st, 2023

*Must be a student in the state of Georgia to be eligible for this scholarship.

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Past scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2021 Frye Law Group Scholarship Winners:
  • Rafael Larios Rivero Photo

    Rafael Larios Rivero

  • Ramon Mandujano, Jr. Photo

    Ramon Mandujano, Jr.

My Philosophy

“My philosophy has always been that if you want to enforce the law, you must follow it. If we shortcut evidence and truth because we believe the person to be guilty, or if the government uses trickery and deceit to get the “bad guy,” then all of those things will be employed against the innocent, as well.”